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Leadership traits of successful project managers

25 May 2016

Great leaders are all around us, but they weren’t born that way. The leaders we look up to in business and in life have honed their skills over the years to command the respect and positioning they needed to climb to the top of their game.

However, they didn’t get there alone. It’s up to existing leaders to train the up and comers who will one day fill their shoes and show them how to guide staff toward a specific vision or goal.

What a leader looks like

Forbes outlined some of the attributes that great leaders need to possess, which included several that are best taught by further education. As well as learned business skills, Forbes argues that leaders also need an arsenal of ‘soft skills’, including:

  • delegation skills
  • communication skills
  • creativity
  • intuition
  • the ability to inspire others

Project management and the business of leading people

According to the Queensland government, a leader can only inspire a team to success if there’s a management structure in place to ensure tasks are carried out. Likewise, a leader who wants to be effective needs to be careful that they don’t spend too much time managing and not enough time leading.

Project management demands an equal balance of both - carefully managing a project through to completion on time and on budget, while confidently leading your team to achieve these goals.

The opportunities in the project management field are fast expanding, as many businesses are now realising the importance of a permanent project manager’s impact across their organisation. According to Hays Salary Guide 2015, 46% of employers plan to increase permanent staff levels in project management-related roles. Between now and the end of 2019, more than 50,000 roles for specialist managers will become available (Job Outlook 2012).

The SCU Online Master of Project Management develops students’ understanding of the principles of project management from a managerial perspective. This core skill in today’s corporate landscape enables students to develop skills to plan and manage projects with various sized teams through to completion.

To develop your leadership skills and give your career a boost, speak to our enrolment advisors and find out more. Call 1300 589 882 today.