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How to study and travel at the same time

3 June 2016

The old adage about travelling expanding your mind exists for a reason; it really does open up your world in a whole new level. Anyone who has ever ventured past the borders of Australia will tell you this.

It’s not just about getting tourist snaps in front of monuments and collecting cheap souvenirs, though. Discovering new cultures and learning in different environments that you’re not ordinarily privy to are fantastic educational tools.

That’s why more and more students are deciding to take advantage of online courses to remotely complete their degrees while also filling their passports with extra stamps.

Can studying online and travelling work for me?
Completing a course online already requires a high level of self-motivation, let alone if you’re surrounded by a new city waiting to be explored. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Postgraduate students already have an advantage in this regard, as they have experienced tertiary study before and know their capabilities. Setting reasonable goals with tangible rewards (and there are plenty when you’re overseas) is a great way of achieving this self-discipline.

You always need to be thinking a few steps ahead when mapping out your travel-study itinerary, and to successfully travel and study online, careful forward planning is required. It is important to ensure:

  • you have necessary textbooks or course materials before you jet off
  • you know the dates of all due assignments and assessments
  • your course coordinator or Student Success Advisor knows you’re away
  • your accommodation will have adequate Internet connectivity
  • you maintain your reading and coursework revisions

A final (but significant) consideration is the university you study with. Having adequate support and assistance when studying online is always a big factor, but that is amplified even more when you’re going to be in a different timezone.

Ideally, your university will be flexible and open to your ever-changing schedule, while also offering a great support network. As a university that understands the vast benefits of travelling, SCU is committed to doing everything possible to make our students’ globetrotting dreams a reality.

So, should I start packing my bags?

If you’re itching to get out there and explore the world without putting your postgraduate studies on hold, then now is the time to make it happen. With online courses, turning the globe into your classroom isn’t just a nice daydream; it’s a real possibility.

If there’s a part of the world that interests you in your particular field of study, you don’t have to stick to just reading about it in a textbook or hearing about it in a lecture, you can go and experience it!  

For flexible online courses you can study from anywhere in the world, contact SCU Online today on 1300 589 882 to discuss your next global career move.