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Soft skills in IT - what they are and why they’re valued

26 September 2017

In the complex and varied field of IT, needing the right knowledge and technical skills is a given. But, in such a competitive and rapidly changing environment, professionals need an extra edge to stand out. Having the right soft skills ensures that projects are better managed and are more likely to run smoothly. Organisations are picking up on the value of candidates who exhibit certain soft skills and are looking for the traits below when hiring IT managers.

1.   Reliability  

Being dependable means that you constantly provide great results by delivering projects on time, to budget and to scope. This solid work ethic makes you a fantastic manager because you’re conscious of the bigger picture.

2.   Excellent communication

Great communicators adjust their words to suit their audience and environment. That means they’re able to convey information that is accurate and clear, no matter the situation. A manager who can effectively express briefs, expectations and instructions makes work easier for their team members and themselves.

3.   Problem-solving

Thinking critically and strategically, especially in a fast-paced environment, is key to effective project execution. That means, whenever an issue arises, you’re able to make the right decisions that will get your project back on track with minimal disruption.

4.   Proactivity

Being proactive, and taking the initiative when it comes to refining processes, improves working environments and makes them more efficient. A manager who can recognise obstacles, even if they’re small, and be motivated enough to action change can save time while increasing revenues.

5.   Leadership

As the saying goes, “managers manage and leaders lead” – and this seemingly small difference can make an exponential impact on productivity and the bottom line. In comparison, “managing” is reactive, limited, short-sighted and has the potential to stunt team members’ growth, where “leading” is encouraging, big-picture, and fosters the best from each team member.

6.   Teamwork

A great team player doesn’t micromanage. Instead they delegate work thoughtfully by recognising the strengths and capabilities of their team members. They also display a willingness to collaborate and work closely with people to achieve great results.

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