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Six reasons you need a postgraduate degree from SCU Online

5 April 2016

Whether you need an academic credential to take the next step in your career, or are simply looking to give some edge to your resume, online postgraduate courses are a great way to boost your career without having to put your life on hold.  

Our learning environment makes online study all the more enjoyable, learn how.

Study anytime, anywhere

Are you more of a tablet person or a laptop person? Do you prefer to study at a desk or on the way to work? Is your ideal learning time before breakfast or after dinner? With Southern Cross University’s online Masters courses, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have a device that’s connected to the internet, you can be working towards a Masters degree. It’s on the go. It’s on your terms. It’s 100% online learning.

Study on a flexible timetable

Identifying a need for postgraduate study doesn’t mean you have to put work and family commitments on hold. SCU Online allows you to choose how quickly you get through your postgraduate qualification, with the option of enrolling at six different times throughout the year. Six study periods give you the chance to complete as many as six units per year. Alternatively, you might study just one or two. You get to choose what works best for you, your work situation and your family.

Two decades of online experience

As a top university under 50 years old (Times Higher Education Young University Rankings, 2017), Southern Cross is also one of Australia’s pioneers when it comes to online education. We now have more than 20 years of accredited experience in the field and, at any one time, have more than 5,000 students enrolled in distance education.

Get the qualifications you need

Our courses blend academic rigour with the real-world. That means, whatever you learn in your virtual classroom can simultaneously be applied to your current job and workplace, confidently. Employers are looking for the next generation of professionals who not only have the right qualifications but have the theoretical understanding and critical thinking skills to complement their practice. Gaining your Masters or postgraduate qualification is a great way to find your next job, or secure that promotion.

Exit early or continue onto your Masters

Our online Masters courses are broken into segments of units and when taken in a specific order, make up smaller qualifications within the overall Masters degree. These are called Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma, or nested qualifications. If you reach the Graduate Certificate and decide to finish your study, you can leave with that qualification. Or, you might continue on towards the Graduate Diploma. Once you reach that point, you can again choose to stop studying or to continue on to the ultimate destination: the full Masters degree.

Get more personalised attention

When you enrol with Southern Cross University Online, you receive one-on-one specialised support from your dedicated Student Success Advisor, who will keep in touch with you and help you achieve the best results throughout the entirety of your student journey.

Think a postgraduate degree might be for you? Speak to our Enrolment Advisors at Southern Cross University Online on 1300 589 882 to find out how online study could fit in with your future.