The SCU Online experience

When you study online with Southern Cross University, you’ll have access to one of the most innovative, user-friendly and comprehensive learning platforms in Australia. Our virtual learning environment is easy and intuitive to use, so you can spend your study time studying – not grappling with the software.

Study anywhere, any time

One of the biggest benefits of studying online is the flexibility. Online courses allow you to fit your life around your studies, so nothing has to be put on hold. That’s why we have optimised our online learning platform for mobile and tablet with a responsive design. Where ever you go, your studies can go too – no matter how you access your course content.

Engage with interactive content

Each week you’ll receive your online study plan. Your topic is explained clearly, and the objectives from the session are laid out for you so you can target your study. Using slick visuals to illustrate and complement your learning, the portal is packed with interactive charts, maps and demonstrations to help you make the most of your study.

Easily return to previous content at any time

One of the greatest advantages of online study is the ability to return to previous weeks’ content. Whether you need to brush up on a particular topic, or want to engage with previous work with more context, all of your lectures and notes are only a click away. At SCU Online, the user interface (UI) makes it easy to find the right information you want.

Challenge your knowledge

Test yourself with our interactive ‘Challenge Questions’. At the end of each section, you’ll see a set of test questions to check how well you’ve understood and absorbed the week’s topic. Track your results in real time, and if you need to, revisit any sections where you could improve.

Print out and take anywhere

While studying off an online page enables you to take full advantage of our website’s interactive aspect, each week’s content is also available as a plain text PDF to print and take anywhere. If you’re a no-distractions student, or someone who likes to scribble notes on their coursework, this might be the perfect option for you.

Get started

Think our online postgraduate courses are right for you? If you’re ready to boost your career prospects and achieve your goals, speak to one of our Student Enrolment Advisors. We’re available Monday to Friday on 1300 589 882.