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Rising demand for cybersecurity skills

5 June 2017

With the rise of the digital workplace and workforce, advanced cybersecurity is in an ever-increasing need for Australian businesses. Data security is becoming a key concern for CIOs and businesses across Australia. The IT sector is looking for professionals who have the skills to manage and eliminate cybersecurity threats for their businesses.

Every year, The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) responds to thousands of cyber security cases – and these incidents seem to be on the rise. Studies by Symantec have indicated the cost of cyber-crime in Australia could be upwards of $4.5billion per year.

However, despite the growing demand for cyber security consultants, IT risk managers and compliance managers, many employers may find themselves scraping the bottom of the barrel in a candidate-short market. There just aren’t enough professionals who are equipped with the cutting-edge skills most businesses need.

Businesses need to invest in essential security skills

With cyber-crime costing Australian businesses a fortune every year, it’s not surprising that security and compliance roles are predicted to rise. However, businesses and IT professionals still need to invest in the skills necessary to meet the growing demand for cybersecurity resources. Building an in-house team of data security professionals is an expensive undertaking for any business, but the benefits outweigh the expense.

The potential damage, cost and disruption of cyberattacks isn’t something most businesses can risk. If businesses aren’t willing or able to build their own cybersecurity teams in a candidate-driven market, they should look at building the following skills in their existing team:

  • Security analysis and investigation skills
  • Application security skills
  • Cloud security skills, and
  • Penetration testing.

More than half of cybersecurity professionals find that their workplace doesn’t provide adequate training. Businesses looking to attract high-demand candidates should look into providing their teams with in-depth further education, like Southern Cross University Online’s postgraduate IT Management programs.

Security-savvy IT professionals have their pick of jobs

On the flip side, now is a great time to be an IT professional with high-demand cybersecurity skills. According to research by the ESG/ISSA, 46 per cent of cybersecurity professionals are approached by businesses and recruiters at least once per week.

By building tailored skills in IT security, you’ll be able to find a lucrative and fulfilling career. By upskilling yourself to meet these growing demands and staying afloat of shifting trends, you’ll be rewarded with job security and interesting, unpredictable career growth. Because cybersecurity is a growing and rapidly changing field, there’s immense potential to shape your career in new and exciting directions.

Leadership is integral within changing IT sector

As the IT sector rapidly changes, skilled IT managers with strong leaderships are required to lead the industry through these changes. Similarly, managers with a strong understanding of cybersecurity are integral to business growth in Australia. Regardless of where you see your IT career going, backing yourself with these skills will enable you to tackle the challenges the industry currently faces head on.

Southern Cross University Online provides IT professionals with the ability to upskill in valuable leadership and cybersecurity skills through its Master of IT Management.

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