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Project management made easy with tools for success

11 August 2016

It takes a dedicated team and a huge amount of planning to deliver a successful project that is on time and on budget. Of course, the elements involved will always be specific to the individual project and hard to predict in advance. However, you can’t go wrong with including a few tips in your project management toolkit. These are some of the core functions necessary in delivering a high quality project.

Project Success Plan
Every key player should be united with the knowledge of what successful project completion looks like. This plan is not just about the specific details, but how everyone will work together to complete the project as a team.

Project Management Plan
In order to achieve success, you must have a plan for how you will get there. An effective project manager will develop guidelines to ensure the team is always heading in the right direction.

Risks Register
Many projects meet their downfall due to poor risk management. By monitoring potential risks throughout every stage, a good manager can avoid any pitfalls.

Project Plan and Schedule This includes the fundamental details of the project – when tasks must be completed, in what order they must be completed and other day-to-day planning.

An essential part of project management is ensuring that you can complete the necessary tasks and arrive at your goal within budget. You should be constantly revising estimates and be prepared for any surprises.

Stakeholder Analysis It is important to consider how the relevant stakeholders could affect your vision for success. A good project manager will always have a plan to mitigate negative influence.

Communication Plan
Successful project management relies heavily on clear, effective communication at every stage. You should know exactly how every stakeholder will update you, and when these updates are expected.

It is important to draw on your past experiences and hone your skills in every project. Those who bite off more than they can chew will often find themselves floundering at the first hurdle.

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