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Progress your career with an online LLM

5 December 2016

In today’s competitive employment market, LLMs are increasingly viewed as a viable option to secure a first job or move up the corporate ladder. According to Graduates Careers Australia, about 20 per cent of Bachelor degree graduates immediately transition to further study.

For law graduates and practising lawyers, an LLM provides an opportunity to specialise in a specific area of the law. For those who want to move out of legal practice, doing an LLM can open up a diverse range of law-related jobs across industries where legal knowledge and experience are assets.

Specialist legal knowledge

If you are a lawyer, an LLM will enable you to become a specialist in an area of your choice. For instance, an LLM in Business Law will significantly increase your practical understanding of corporate, consumer and contract law while polishing your drafting, negotiation and litigation skills. These are the types of capabilities business leaders and large companies are looking for when it comes to legal departments, placing you in a more favourable position for employment or advancement.

An LLM will focus on honing the type of knowledge and legal skills that law firms or companies require to add value to their business. Legal specialisation can also help you in gaining status as an accredited specialist, which can then assist you in marketing yourself to prospective employers. Depending on your career objectives, an LLM can certainly raise your professional profile significantly.

Improve your career prospects

Currently, the competition for jobs is fierce, so finding a way to stand out is paramount. With an LLM under your belt, you will display the capabilities and sought-after skills to put you in the best position for career advancement. This is not ‘bulletproof’ of course. You will also need to complement your qualifications with post-admission experience if you want to move up or sideways as a lawyer.

If you want to get out of legal practice, an LLM can help you transition into a range of law-related jobs. Organisations are increasingly developing their legal departments in-house and need qualified, bona fide legal professionals with the specialist knowledge to lead their teams. The need to cut the costs associated with outsourcing legal council is opening up new opportunities for specialist lawyers as in-house legal advisers.

Should you consider postgraduate study?

An LLM should not be viewed simply as a bulletproof solution to career progression. Your success also depends on your attitude, vision, perseverance and resourcefulness. Organisations and legal practices across Australia are increasingly looking for specialised skills and experts with focused knowledge, so gaining your LLM could significantly improve your career advancement trajectory.

Going ‘back to university’ to study is also a significant demand on your time and resources, however getting your LLM doesn’t have to be burdensome. Nowadays, an LLM can be completed entirely online while still enjoying important aspects of higher education such as peer interaction and lecturer feedback.

Southern Cross University offers an LLM specialising in business law 100% online, meaning you’re not tied to traditional learning environments and time restrictions. Study your own way for your own success. To learn more, contact a Student Enrolment Advisor today on 1300 589 882.