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Open up a world of opportunity with online study

7 March 2017

Have you ever thought of studying online? Or are you currently studying, but want to follow a different pathway for your future career success? Online learning with Southern Cross University can open a number of doors to help you get to where you want to be in your career.

The flexibility and convenience of online study can enable you to advance your career prospects quicker than traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ institutions. With the right skills and knowledge, you’ll be able to land a new and exciting role, faster. Aside from the more obvious benefits of personal and career development, increased earning potential and connection to a network of industry experts, most people don’t realise the study pathways that are available to them when they study online. It’s simple for students to transition from one degree to another, should they decide that is the best option for their professional growth. Not only are your career pathways boundless, so too are your study options.

Southern Cross University Online student, Melanie Allen-Male is a perfect example of this. She decided to make the transition from a healthcare Masters qualification into an online MBA degree. “I was first attracted to online study as it is a convenient lifestyle choice,” Melanie says.

“I work full-time, have a husband and an adorable three-year-old daughter, so life is busy, therefore online study seemed to be the most suitable method for my life.”

A nurse by day, Melanie initially commenced her online Master in Healthcare Leadership with SCU Online and completed four of the 12 units. After consulting senior members of her workplace and her SCU Online Student Success Advisor, she found that this particular pathway might not be the most fruitful for her desired career as a Director of Nursing.

“On consultation with my current director at work, I ascertained that both her and her deputy both have an MBA qualification, so if I am to progress in my career, it would be the qualification that prospective employers will be looking for.

“I contacted the uni and they were totally understanding and supportive, and made the change exceptionally easy. I was able to exit the Master in Healthcare Leadership early with a Graduate Certificate, and still get a qualification for my hard work and dedication.”

Melanie believes that, in Australia, there is a particular need within the healthcare sector for employees to have a multidisciplinary skill set. It can place you in a far better position when applying for more senior-level positions. It will also enable you to present yourself as a well-rounded candidate who possesses the ability to approach situations with a people-centric, yet business-oriented mindset.

There is a particular need within the healthcare sector for employees to have a multidisciplinary skill set. 

“Health is such a multifaceted industry that requires exceptional leaders at the helm to ensure a person-centred approach to care and patient safety. An advanced understanding of business can help to ensure productivity in healthcare that doesn't compromise patient care, as well as contribute to staff satisfaction and retention.”

If you’re a current student looking to transition into another field, get in touch with your Student Success Advisor to fully understand the options available to you. For those considering a change or looking for a way to step up in their career, online study can provide you with opportunities you may not have even thought of.

Our team of Student Enrolment Advisors are on-hand to answer any course or study questions — call 1300 589 882 for more information.