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Is the NBN the key to 21st century infrastructure?

19 May 2016

When Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced his changes to the Ministry in September 2015, he declared this “21st century government” was future-focused. Appointing Christopher Pyne as the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, the Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to innovation, agility and productivity.

So how do we as a nation achieve these goals? All signs point to high-speed, reliable internet connection as the answer – connecting not only Australian capital and regional cities as platforms for technological advancement, but also connecting Australia with the wider world. As Australia’s internet speed rankings continue to decline, we need to acknowledge that without investing in state of the art internet infrastructure, we may never reach our potential for innovation and productivity in the global market.

Now is the time for leaders and innovators in the fields of IT and engineering to work together to ensure Australia has the best resources to compete (and collaborate) on a global scale.

Build today, innovate tomorrow

Laying the groundwork for nation-wide high-speed internet will pave the way for both commercial and public innovation. Tech entrepreneurs and IT businesses will be able to compete on an even playing field with international competitors, while industries including healthcare, engineering, accounting, education – to name just a few – will be able to integrate world-class technological advances into their services, and introduce solutions of their own to the rest of the world.

Find a bespoke solution

The current state of Australia’s internet infrastructure is, in part, due to an inconsistent – and in some parts, ageing – infrastructure. Australia’s physical size also plays an important role. The countries that currently have the fastest internet speeds (including South Korea in the number one spot, and Hong Kong coming in at number two) are all considerably smaller than Australia, so physically more straightforward to service. Rather than applying existing methods to bring high-speed internet to Australia, perhaps the answer lies in engineering a bespoke solution for our unique country. There’s no need to wait to begin innovation.

Be part of the conversation

With such speculation around the future of Australia’s National Broadband Network and its capacity to support an innovative and competitive future, the industry calls for sharp minds to solve problems and tackle the obstacles in our way.

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