Master of Engineering Management earning potential

Want to know what kind of return on investment you could make by completing a Master of Engineering Management (in as few as eight months and for as little as $8800)? The numbers speak for themselves.

Average graduate earnings with a Bachelor of Engineering

Graduate engineers in their first year of work typically earn between $57,000 and $65,000, depending on whether you go into state government, federal government or private industries. Graduate engineers are consistently paid higher than their peers in other industries (Graduate Careers Australia, 2015).

Average graduate earnings with any masters degree

The median starting salary for all Masters graduates is $80,000 (Graduate Careers Australia, 2015). However, engineers with a postgraduate qualification start on a higher base salary than other industries and typically earn more over the course of their careers (Engineers Australia, 2015). An engineer at the top end of the responsibility scale will earn around four times as much as someone at the lower end.

Average earnings without a Master of Engineering

Engineers with only a Bachelor degree have an average pay range of $70,000-90,000. Top level salaries for engineers with no postgraduate certification might earn up to $100,000 (Kelly Services, 2015).

Average earnings with an Engineering Masters

A Master of Engineering Management can boost your salary up to a median of $129,000. The high end of the scale tips $190,000 – nearly double that of the colleagues without a postgraduate degree (, 2015).