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Leadership opportunities in Australia's healthcare sector

6 October 2017

A career in the healthcare sector is both rewarding and gratifying, allowing you to contribute to your community and society at large. If you’re a current professional looking to further your career, you might be looking for more senior opportunities. From becoming a hospital CEO to managing a medical practice or a brand new pharmaceutical product line, the opportunities to add more value to the health sector are endless.

Hospital CEO

As a hospital CEO, you’ll be responsible for making sure that all operations, at all levels of your hospital, run smoothly and systematically. You’ll help to ensure that the best quality patient care is executed by your teams, set high standards for processes, work on stakeholder management and lead your medical institution to achieving its financial goals.

Medical practice manager

Skilled managers are vital in the operation and organisation of medical practices. A great medical practice manager will establish a great environment for both staff and patients while working behind the scenes to maintain a profitable business. A Master of Healthcare Leadership can also equip you with the skills to open and run your own practice should you choose to establish your own practice, from the ground up.

Pharmaceutical project manager

Should you choose this path, you’ll be responsible for developing and distributing products that improve people’s lives. As a pharmaceutical project manager, you’ll work with researchers and clinical doctors in the production of safe and effective health treatments and medical equipment. You’ll also be responsible for tracking financial and market analytics to manage teams and roll out effective promotions.

If you’re currently working in the healthcare sector and looking to take your career to new heights, further study could be the key to your professional growth. An online Master of Healthcare Leadership from Southern Cross University will sharpen your current proficiencies and prepare you for more senior opportunities in your field. You’ll also learn the key skills required to effectively manage and lead teams to success.

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