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Industries with largest projected employment

4 July 2016

Keeping your finger on the pulse of growing (and depleting) industries has many advantages. Whether you’re just getting started or you’re already in the workforce, knowing what employment sectors are set to boom can help you take your career from strength to strength.

Think about it this way; if you know which industries are set to change and how, you can get ahead of the bell curve and start studying online or complete a postgraduate degree online, ensuring you’re fully prepared to jump head first into the industry when they need qualified and skilled graduates. So, what industries should you be looking out for?

According to a report by the Australian Government’s Department Of Employment, growth is mostly predicted across the board, with 16 of the 19 main broad industry groups to see some level of forward movement by 2018. Out of the 16, there are two sectors that warrant the most attention.

Healthcare and Social Assistance

With an ever-growing population, demand is increasing on healthcare and social assistance. There are predictions that this sector will make up the biggest increase in employment numbers by 2018; approximately 229,400 new workers, in fact.

Allied health, in particular, is set to provide plenty of opportunities, with an estimated growth of 43,000 new employees in the next few years. Southern Cross University offers a broad number of Health & Human Sciences courses, including the 100% online Master of Healthcare Leadership, which equips students with the skills to become effective leaders within the sector, and is available as an accelerated study program.

Education and Training

The educational sector is such a multi-faceted one that there’s no surprise it is set to continue to grow. Specifically, the Government’s report estimates it will contribute to 118,800 more employment opportunities by 2018. This growth is worth taking advantage of, as education can be applied to most fields. Even if you’ve spent years in a specific industry, you can more often than not put your knowledge to good use in educating and training others.

With Southern Cross University’s online courses, you can add business or people management expertise to your existing teaching qualifications with an MBA or a Master of Project Management, even while you’re continuing to work a 9-5 job.

More growth in other industries

Naturally, there is growth in other industries to keep in mind. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services are set to add 88,700 employees by 2018. Construction is also likely to build an extra 83,500 opportunities, while Hospitality and Tourism is expected to expand with 55,200 new jobs in accommodation and food services roles alone.

If you’re thinking of making a career switch with the help of an online postgraduate degree, now is a great time to start preparing yourself to take advantage of these growing industries.