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Investment in engineering infrastructure

30 April 2016

If you thought that the mining boom was over, you could be forgiven for thinking engineering-based roles would be in decline. But there’s great news for those seeking to further their career in engineering. There is an increased need for engineers in Australia, and future growth is all down to the recent infrastructure investment plans outlined in consecutive federal budgets. Good things are on the horizon for skilled engineers.

The government’s recent Infrastructure Investment Program means there will be increased demand for those with advanced engineering qualifications. If we’re talking figures, the government has made commitments of $43.9 billion across multiple projects. In the wake of the mining boom, the new initiatives have been put in place to boost economic growth and prosperity, increase productivity and support thousands of new jobs.

Where’s the money going?

Targeted funding has been allocated for land projects, including the Investment Road & Rail Program, the Bridges Renewal Program and National Highway Upgrade Program. With these plans in place, jobs will be plentiful for expert engineers.

Global engineering opportunities

There’s global growth across the board. According to Forbes, from 2010 to 2014, there was double digit growth in four specific engineering occupations. Petroleum engineers (30 per cent), mining and geological engineers (12 per cent), biomedical engineers (10 per cent), and industrial engineers (10 per cent) were key fields with steep growth. The same study found that every engineering occupation added jobs, with the steepest rise in mechanical engineers. The good news is, the future is looking bright if you have the skills to succeed, and the ability to manage others to succeed.

Be at the forefront of engineering progress

If you’re looking for a relevant postgraduate qualification with burgeoning future prospects, engineering is still on the rise. There may have been a slump over the last few years, but according to Engineering Australia, demand for engineering services is set to rebound strongly. We’re expecting workforce development in both the public and private sectors. 

So why not capitalise on these new developments and build on your engineering skills with a progressive postgraduate qualification? Map these new initiatives into your career and upskill to move forward with an online Master of Engineering Management.

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