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Interdisciplinary approach to healthcare wins

20 December 2017

As a clinical nurse consultant at Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital, Belynda Abbott knows first-hand the benefits of taking an interdisciplinary approach to healthcare. She recently completed a Master of Healthcare Leadership at Southern Cross University (SCU) Online, the only university to offer this approach to learning.

Passionate about working with professionals from a range of departments and disciplines, Belynda strives to provide both best practice care as well as best patient and consumer outcomes. She last spoke to us about how her studies were benefiting her career and now, having completed her Master of Healthcare Leadership, Belynda reveals she has "gained so much in two years, from an extremely positive experience

Master of Healthcare Leadership graduate, Belynda Abbott on her experience with online study.

Learning from professionals

Studying online enabled Belynda to communicate with a wide range of professionals, from academic staff to her peers. "Other universities offered courses in nursing leadership and health management, but SCU Online was the only one to offer the interdisciplinary approach I was looking for."

"It was fantastic to communicate with, and receive feedback and support from, other health care professionals during the course," says Belynda, who describes SCU Online's learning and discussion platform, Blackboard as "extremely easy to use and navigate".

Online learning made easy

Belynda found studying a Master of Healthcare Leadership online to be much easier than her previous experience as a postgraduate student in 2005. "The technology has improved and the study experience is far more straightforward and user-friendly today," she says.

"The coursework was interactive, dynamic and engaging," adds Belynda, who found that she could transfer many aspects of her work at Brisbane's Princess Alexandra Hospital, into her SCU Online assignments.

A supportive environment

As well as engaging and interesting course materials, one of the highlights of studying with SCU Online is the academic and personal support that's available to students. For Belynda, this meant having her very own Student Success Advisor, a dedicated person who contacted her on a regular basis through phone calls and emails.

"I always knew that they were there to support me wherever and whenever I needed it," she says. "The academics and tutors were also very supportive and encouraging throughout the course."

Finding the right balance

Like many graduates, Belynda's biggest challenge was in balancing full-time work, a family and study. One of the ways she stayed motivated and organised was to remind herself of why she was studying SCU Online's Master of Healthcare Leadership. "Being self-driven and motivated is so important," she says.

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