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How to start your online Masters in project management

20 July 2017

So, you’re an experienced project manager and you’ve been thinking about formalising that experience with a Masters for a while, but it just never seems to be the right time. You make enquiries between projects, and you’re keen to sign up, but another project lands on your desk and you know it’s going to be more 60-hour weeks.

If only you weren’t so time poor, you wouldn’t have to put your study goals on the back burner – again! But, do you really have to? Getting your Masters in project management may be more achievable than you think! And here’s why:

Get credit for all your hard work

Significant project management experience not only makes you eligible to apply for your Masters without an undergraduate degree, but it may also earn you recognition of prior learning or advanced standing. Any advanced standing you receive reduces the number of units you will need to complete, reducing the cost and duration of your online postgraduate degree. It also means that you don’t have to study content you’re already familiar with.

Flexibility is essential

So you’ve been successful in your course application and received advanced standing, but you’re not sure when you’ll have the time to actually start studying! No worries – with six student intakes per year, you can choose when you start your studies; whether you schedule time in between major projects or to coincide with holidays. Enrol in one unit at a time, so it’s easier to manage your study load and other life commitments. Southern Cross University’s online Masters programs are designed and delivered so that you can easily take short breaks, enabling you to pursue your study goals around your fluctuating workload.

There’s nothing like support

Studying your Masters while working a demanding job (and juggling personal commitments at the same time) can be a daunting prospect, but the right support can make a world of difference. That’s why at Southern Cross, you will be offered the assistance of your very own Student Success Advisor (SSA), from the moment you enrol until graduation. Your SSA will work with you to create a personalised study plan to fit around your schedule. This can be continually adapted to meet your changing needs.  Your SSA will keep you on track, so you don’t get lost in the world of your current project – plus they’re always only a phone call away!

Access whenever, wherever

Our online courses are designed to provide you access to your coursework at any time through the day, on any device. You can contribute to class discussions on your phone between meetings, do your readings on your tablet while you commute to the office, or start your essay from your hotel room while you’re away on a work trip. There’s also an audio option so you can access content on long drives or while you’re stuck in traffic. Your course isn’t time-sensitive either; you don’t have to be online at certain times, you can study first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night, whatever works for you!

Ah time, that old chestnut!

Now you’re thinking: an online Masters in project management sounds like a great idea, and you’re confident that you can meet the academic challenge, but you’re still concerned you might not have the time to study. You’re not alone! Lack of time is the main reason that most people don’t undertake postgraduate study. But you don’t want to be left behind with “most people”, do you? One of the reasons you’re interested in doing your Masters is to set yourself apart from the crowd. Let’s face it, we’re all time-poor. Taking on postgraduate study is about making little sacrifices and finding the time to help you reach your goals to move ahead.

Completing your Masters is impressive proof of your ability to set goals, prioritise and focus – as any good project manager should. It tells prospective employers that you not only have the formal skills for the job but that you are determined.

Study your online Master of Project Management with Southern Cross University and you will enjoy greater flexibility and access to coursework, and receive dedicated ongoing support. Make 2017 the year you achieve your study goals, it is possible!