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How to manage your IT team more effectively

12 September 2016

IT managers need great negotiation skills, the ability to manage conflict, inspire their team and establish a culture of high performance. While tech knowledge is a great asset, successful IT managers need to be able to accomplish a whole lot more if they want to become inspiring leaders and create exceptional outcomes.

Once you’re an IT manager, most of your time will be spent managing people, not technology. So developing strong people management skills is crucial to your success. Putting time and effort into developing strong soft skills – and people skills – can back up your tech-expertise and help you become a high achieving manager.

Focus on leadership skills

Knowing tech is great, but that won’t get you as far as you might expect when managing an IT team. Instead of focusing on your tech know-how – most of which can be delegated – you’ll need to develop the leadership skills necessary for making the most of your team’s collective knowledge. As a manager, it’s now your responsibility to facilitate communication, resolve conflict and motivate your team.

Knowing your leadership style can help you better understand where you’re most comfortable as a leader, and help you improve your skills. IT management programs, such as SCU Online’s Master of IT Management, can help you identify how you lead and use this knowledge to your best advantage.

Gain business acumen

As an IT professional, you’re a great problem solver. However, when it comes to managing teams effectively, the problems can become more complex than simply what’s in front of you. Gaining a broader perspective of the business landscape can help guide your team in line with organisational goals, and make you a more effective unit.

Your team needs to meet business objectives, so efficiency is important. Delegation and time management skills can be your greatest assets here. By providing clear instruction to your team (without micromanaging), you can ensure that each team member is making the most out of their day. Rather than working more efficiently as an individual, focus on time management and delegation strategies that make your entire team run more efficiently.

Articulate your team’s value

In an ideal world, your business already understands the need for the work you do. However, in reality, not everyone understands the complexity of your work and the value it adds to the organisation. Learning how to market your work to the wider business, and celebrate your successes with them, is crucial to your success as a leader. You need to lead the change within your organisation and ensure the value of your team’s work is recognised and supported.

If you’re looking to gain the skills necessary to becoming an excellent IT leader or manager, our Master of IT Management or MBA in Managing & Leading People could be for you.

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