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High-paying non-physician healthcare jobs

23 January 2017

Although physician jobs usually garner the most attention, they certainly aren’t the only enticing or viable options in terms of salary for people interested in the healthcare sector. If you want to pursue a career in health, but being a doctor doesn’t tickle your fancy, one of these 10 rewarding and lucrative options might suit you better.

Nurse Anesthetist

In charge of administering anesthesia to patients undergoing surgery, this role has more variability and responsibility than you may think. The stakes in determining the correct dosage for each different patient and surgery are high. So is the respect within the healthcare field—as is the pay packet, with average Australian anesthetists earning $86,500 a year.

Biomedical Engineer

Put your head for science and medicine to good use without necessarily having to work on your bedside manner. Earning an average of $80,376 p.a., biomedical engineers do the incredibly important work of analysing current medical procedures, functions and devices to work on better solutions.

Dental Hygienist

Although you might not be the most popular person to visit, there are plenty of benefits you can enjoy as a dental hygienist. Build solid relationships with clients, rarely work on weekends or night and expect a median salary in Australia of $67,159 p.a.

Occupational Health & Safety Specialist

Perhaps a little underrated, the hard work of an OH&S specialist is not to be scoffed at—nor is the average $85,727 p.a. salary. You’ll receive a great variety of tasks within different workplaces, while also making a tangible difference in the everyday safety of workers.

Insurance Underwriter

Unlike most healthcare jobs, insurance underwriters enjoy a consistent work environment. This job involves reviewing claims and deciding whether individuals are liable to receive insurance, which means there is a certain level of responsibility held. The median salary is $64,653 p.a., but note that job opportunities are declining with technology slowly replacing aspects of this role.


This incredibly rewarding job allows you to coach soon-to-be parents through all the stages of their childbirth, from pre-conception counselling right through to postpartum assistance. Midwives in Australia are paid on average $62,480 a year, with plenty of scope to grow with experience.


Pharmacy work may not provide a lot of variety, but it does offer fantastic job security and a median salary of $63,292 p.a. in Australia. Not to mention, you’ll get to help people attain and maintain a high quality of life.

Speech Pathologist

Speech pathology is challenging but incredibly rewarding. If you follow this career path, you’ll have the opportunity to positively transform someone’s life by helping them regain or improve their speech. You’ll also enjoy an average salary of $60,265.

Orthotic and Prosthetics Professionals

Another rewarding and respected career, orthotic and prosthetics professionals fit devices such as artificial limbs (hands, feet, legs), braces and more to restore personal mobility. The salary in Australia for this job falls a bit lower than the other healthcare job options already mentioned, sitting at around $55,000 per year.

Physical Therapist

The pay scale for a physical therapist can vary greatly depending on who you work for, but the average tends to start around $52,000 p.a. in Australia. That being said, it is a vital role that is incredibly satisfying, as you assist patients overcome injuries and illnesses to regain their full health.

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