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Healthcare jobs where women challenge the gender gap

21 July 2016

Women are benefiting financially in certain types of healthcare roles, putting some stereotypes to bed. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) compiled data that shows a number of jobs where women earn more than men on average, contrary to figures across the board.

In many of these cases, women are in the minority but those who do work in the profession are extremely passionate and excel in their field. This is particularly evident with some healthcare roles, showing women at a significant advantage. We’ve highlighted some areas in which women are earning more on average than their male counterparts.

Psychologists and general medical practitioners

  • Men $1,379.30
  • Women $1,593.20 (16 per cent more)
  • Men $2,275.70
  • Women $2,742.40 (21 per cent more)

In these types of occupations, women are seemingly valued more. They earn 16 and 21 per cent more than men in these professions respectively.

Dental practitioners

  • Men $2,248.30
  • Women $2,879.60 (28 per cent more)

For a field which generally has more male practitioners, according to the Dental Board of Australia, females now earn on average more than men, with an approximate 28 per cent difference between the two genders.

Dental hygienists, technicians and therapists

  • Men $1,294.60
  • Women $1,873.50 (45 per cent more)

Females in these roles earn 45 per cent more than men in similar professions, whose average weekly earnings amount to nearly $1,295. According to a March 2016 document from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, the average full-time weekly earnings of men and women show that there is a gap of 17.3% in favour of men. A spokeswoman from the agency, Clare Buttner, stresses that people should be equally regarded for their work regardless of their gender or the occupation they choose.

This disparity among male and female professionals shows the need for women to upskill and obtain the appropriate qualifications to gain employment success. The healthcare industry is growing, expecting to offer a wealth of career opportunity for healthcare professionals.

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