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Health management offers exciting career options

23 November 2016

What do a bioterrorism researcher, political scientist and nuclear facility designer have in common? They are all jobs you could be doing with a Master of Healthcare Leadership in your pocket.

When people think of what you can do with a Masters degree in health, they will often default to obvious management roles and specialist roles within the confines of hospital or ward administration, but there is huge scope for more varied roles.

What could my future career look like?

SCU Online’s Master of Healthcare Leadership covers a wide range of subjects in public health, which will help you find a particular area that you’re passionate about. There are so many career options, as the public health sector is so varied. You could be a tropical disease specialist, an urban planner or even an epidemiologist – all by doing our Masters online.

A career in public health leadership can be a hugely satisfying path to take, from helping to protect the community against disease, developing life-saving vaccines, educating the world about physical and mental health, to helping build the policies for the industry or inform funding.

The changing landscape of healthcare

The world of healthcare is developing rapidly, and new technology helps us find out more about our bodies, general health and practices. You can be part of the science that helps prevent the spread of illnesses, recover more quickly from injuries or develop strategies that will be crucial in case of an outbreak, or make a hospital run more smoothly.

Another career option available to you is to become a healthcare educator yourself and ensure that in the future, the world will have brilliant healthcare leaders to shape the industry.

Take your career in public healthcare to the next level and use your industry experience to hone your skills to step up your career and find a leadership role. At SCU, you can study online part-time while working in your current role – and do it all from your laptop, tablet or phone.

The online Master of Healthcare Leadership offers a very broad and interdisciplinary education in the field, which will help you stay on top of the latest advancement and innovations. Alternatively, consider the Health Services Management specialisation MBA. Be one of the people that make our futures healthier, that help us live longer and be more informed.

Get in touch with one of our Student Enrolment Advisors on 1300 589 882, or find out more about SCU’s Master of Healthcare Leadership online.