Having an MBA pays off in the finance sector

Working in finance has its perks, but did you know that having an MBA can make those perks even sweeter? According to PayScale, an MBA has an influence on both your take-home pay and career prospects in the finance sector. Business analysts, accountants and risk managers all saw a boost to their income when combining an MBA with their career in finance.

Whether you’re already working in finance or considering a career shift, there are numerous pathways you can take to enhance your resume and skillset with an MBA. Not everyone has to take the traditional pathway towards getting their qualification. Plus, you can even pick up your accounting certifications along the way.

Know your business foundations

Whether you’re working as an accountant or analyst, having strong foundations in statistics, leadership, economics, strategy and marketing is crucial to success in today’s cutting-edge marketplace. Along with management and accounting, an MBA covers finance, banking and investing, which can provide deeper insights into how your work contributes to your business as a whole.

Some MBA programs let you choose an area of specialisation, so you can further hone your skills in a specific area. SCU Online lets you choose between a generalist MBA or specialisation in accounting, information and knowledge management, health services, and leadership. Choosing a specialisation, such as accounting, means that you can get your MBA while learning skills that directly apply to your career in finance.

Gain new career opportunities

Along with great long-term career options, an MBA can also provide pathways into finance. Whether you want to become an accountant, actuary, finance manager or CFO, an MBA can provide you with not only the qualifications necessary to enter the workforce, but also the skills required to excel in your dream role. Some MBA programs include CPA-accredited courses, meaning that an MBA can provide you with the qualifications you need to start your career in finance sooner than you anticipate.

Find alternative study pathways

Southern Cross University Online’s MBA program includes non-conventional pathways, including entry through our Graduate Diploma of Accounting. Along with covering the first five units of the MBA program, the Graduate Diploma of Accounting is comprised of accredited CPA Australia units. So you can enter the CPA program without having to take your Foundation Exams first. Plus, you’ll be well on your way to receiving an MBA.

By choosing an alternative pathway, such as the Graduate Diploma of Accounting, you can enhance your career in finance by becoming a certified accountant, while gaining the advantage of an MBA. Find out more about our great online courses or speak to one of our friendly Student Enrolment Advisors today on 1300 589 882.