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Going green and the role of a project manager

28 July 2016

Project managers are becoming increasingly important in the development and implementation of green initiatives. As our community becomes more conscious of their environmental footprint, so too do businesses both large and small. How can project management help execute green strategies in the workplace?

The small stuff makes a big difference

Taking the first step in your ‘go green’ planning can be a daunting task, so start with the relatively small stuff. Project managers can ensure recycling systems, such as paper bins and print-free environments, are in place and implemented correctly in the workplace, meaning appropriate internal communication and delivery is needed. Initiatives which promote energy efficiency and emissions reduction are also critical to a project manager’s agenda – for example, introducing software that automatically turns off monitors and electronic devices. These simple, yet effective actions can often make a huge difference and are more likely to be accepted by those who may be a bit hesitant to adopt change.

Do business with like-minded companies

The way in which you partner with your supply chain can very much influence the successful delivery of a green business strategy. Ensuring your partners are appropriately certified in sustainable practices is key, and that they adhere to leading practices. This can relate to anything from building design and maintenance to your IT managed services. Working with the right suppliers can make going green a far more efficient and effective process.

Get involved with the local community

Getting involved in sustainable community projects is a great way for companies to go one step further in developing their green strategies. When employees and external stakeholders are aware of a business showing interest in improving communities in an environmentally-friendly way, it can have a powerful effect on employer branding and reputation. This can flow onto other areas of the business, having a positive outcome for things like retention rates, staff engagement and productivity.

SCU Online’s Master of Project Management course can provide you with the skills to effectively implement and drive such change in a business. The beauty of advancing your career with postgraduate study is that this particular course is adaptable to your chosen industry; you’ll learn the core competencies associated with managing a project and then be able to apply it within any workplace. This ability is becoming ever more necessary for businesses that want to improve the sustainability of their operations.

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