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Careers in engineering management

17 October 2016

The mining boom saw a huge increase in jobs within the engineering management sector, with employment for engineering managers increasing by 53.1 per cent over the past five years. As the mining boom draws to a close, we’re beginning to see a new range of exciting and lucrative career opportunities for engineers.

While process engineers are still earning a higher starting salary than many comparative fields, the earning potential with a Master of Engineering Management is not limited to just this role.

Become an engineering project manager

With a starting salary of $70,000 and great employability prospects, becoming an engineering project manager could really take your career places. Plus, as a project manager, there are opportunities to work from anywhere in the world. Whether you want a career filled with adventure, or simply want to earn some serious money, project management can be both versatile and lucrative.

Enter the clean energy industry

As we shift away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy, the demand for engineering managers within the environmental sector is increasing. According to some sources, environmental engineering can bring in up to $300,000 a year. That income is matched by engineers in the water and waste industries, showing a strong trend towards sustainable engineering solutions becoming more dominant in today’s marketplace.

Choose pathways into business or marketing

The skills provided by qualifications in engineering management give graduates a strong understanding of business practices, which lend themselves well to those who wish to transition to positions in business or marketing. By learning valuable communication and business skills, engineering managers become valuable additions to any organisation. They are able to rapidly work their way up the ranks towards positions that aren’t traditionally related to engineering.

Lead major civil projects

Australia is an exceptionally exciting place to be an engineering manager. We are seeing an increase in large-scale civil engineering projects that will shape the future of our cities. With a Master of Engineering Management, you’ll have the skills required to lead these major projects and help shape the Australia of tomorrow.

You’ll also be able to negotiate and contribute to the planning stages of these projects and advise governments on the kinds of solutions that are required for a thriving society. Plus, with business-savvy skills, you’ll understand exactly what goes into enacting these projects with a volatile budget.

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