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Flexible careers for working mothers: Do they exist?

27 May 2016

The latest Fortune 500 rankings revealed that there are now 58 female chief financial officers (CFOs) serving at the most coveted companies. While this is a growing number it is still very low comparatively, and comes at a time when corporate companies and startups alike are calling for gender balance and workplace diversity to keep staff happy and nurture the best talent.

The best way for female executives to get ahead is with a good degree and one that provides solid leadership skills.  Female CFOs, like their male counterparts, usually rise through the ranks via roles in accounting and finance, however, few get the opportunity to get trained in leadership skills. This is even more pronounced for women who take breaks to have children and are often out of the workplace when these skills might be developed.

Making time to invest in your future

The upside of being a professional and a mum is that it enables you some time to upskill with a tailored postgraduate degree which can help you attain either a more senior role, or a position that is better suited to your own ambitions, and on your own terms.

Flexibility is key for working mothers and investing in further study provides the foundation for creating a new career. Obtaining a postgraduate degree, such as a Graduate Diploma of Accounting can open many doors and create opportunities not only in the top end of town but for startups or not-for-profits where the skills of accounting, taxes, M&A  and the business applications of accounting are highly needed.  See our prior post: Why accountants make great business owners'.

Many of the most coveted roles for working mothers that provide flexibility can be easily accessed via a Graduate Diploma. The roles that consistently rank as providing most work/life balance include small business owner or entrepreneur, financial planner and accountant.

Committing to an online postgraduate degree can help working mothers balance their existing work responsibilities while also future-proofing their career goals. SCU Online offers a flexible study load at affordable rates which can work around the busy schedule of working mothers.

Here are our top tips for balancing your Graduate Diploma in Accounting and motherhood:

  • Self belief: A Graduate Diploma is a significant achievement and requires a strong commitment to achieving your goals.
  • Organisation is key:  working mothers know all about creating routines to create balance for others. Adding a Graduate Diploma of Accounting to the mix will require carving out time for oneself.  Keeping things organised will help create space for study.
  • Online study is a great support: One the benefits of studying online is the digital connections you make with other students and colleagues. These online networks can provide like minded support and help you get through the deadlines.
  • Consider it an investment: The Graduate Diploma of Accounting available at SCU Online is an investment in yourself, your career and future opportunities. It provides a platform for accelerating your career across a range of industries it can help you get your dream job, on your terms and in your own time.

SCU Online’s Graduate Diploma of Accounting encourages students to expand their lateral thinking skills and communicate complex financial information with clarity. The course is the online Graduate Diploma accredited by CPA Australia and satisfies all CPA Foundation units. It will provide you with a clear path towards becoming a Certified Practising Accountant.

Call our student enrolment advisors on 1300 589 882 to discuss how the Graduate Diploma of Accounting can benefit you.