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Five habits of highly effective students

1 June 2017

Completing a Masters degree without dropping the ball at work or at home has never been more achievable – thanks to great online options. It’s still going to be a challenge though, so here are five study tips that will help get you through every study session and ensure your student experience is a successful one.

No more wasted time

Take a look at your average week and you’ll be surprised by how much time disappears unaccounted for. Our course delivery enables you to make use of your downtime by accessing your materials through a variety of devices – whenever you can, wherever you are. Chipping away at your studies regularly means that things don’t build up and become overwhelming or unachievable.

The power of a study buddy

Studying with a friend significantly improves rates of academic success. Sharing the student experience improves the retention of information and expands your knowledge base, but most importantly, a study buddy is a great source of motivation. Tackling a challenge with a friend increases your level of commitment and sense of accountability, and hopefully, reduces procrastination!

Make the most of great resources

Just because you’re studying online doesn’t mean you can’t access all the resources that university has to offer – like the comprehensive online library service and Orientation Week. Students are encouraged to connect with each other through various peer support opportunities. You will even have professional support from a dedicated Student Success Advisor – perhaps your greatest resource – from enrolment to graduation.

Stay until the end

Studying your Masters while you’re working full-time is challenging, so when your motivation is waning, it’s important to remember the reasons why you wanted to study in the first place. For most students, doing a Masters is about gaining valuable skills and creating great career opportunities for the future. Having a Masters means more choice, more autonomy and more professional growth. Keeping your goals in mind will help you to stay on track.

Be prepared

Accelerated learning makes it particularly important to be organised and well prepared – and applying for your course well before the closing date is a good start. This will give you time to create a personalised study plan with your Success Advisor and ensure you have everything you need when Orientation Week begins. Good preparation will allow for greater focus on your studies and greater chances of success studying online.

If you follow these tips, you’ll find it easier to keep up with the workload and your peers; it won’t be such a desperate struggle to meet assessment deadlines! It’s important to be consistent with your study habits throughout each seven-week study period, and equally important to take a moment between each one to appreciate that you’re another unit closer to completing your Masters degree.

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