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The importance of engineering in STEM education

11 October 2017

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is linked with generating high levels of productivity, creating better jobs (and more of them) as well as securing healthy economies. That’s just some of the reasons why the capabilities that come along with STEM – including creative problem solving and critical thinking – are becoming an increasingly large focus in the Australian classroom.

2014 report from the Office of the Chief Scientist revealed that 75 per cent of the fastest-growing occupations require STEM skills. With growing populations, industries and infrastructures, exciting prospects in fields like biotechnology, urban development, information and communications technology, virtual reality and advanced manufacturing (to name a few) are on the rise. In a way, all jobs of the future will be “STEM jobs” – so it makes sense to ingrain it in the national curriculum.

Plan, test, repeat

One of the top skills in STEM education that can be applied to all areas is the practice of designing, building, testing then re-designing as necessary. This method is the backbone of scientific experimentation, engineering, and software and web design.

Whether you’d like to call it “failing fast and learning quick” or “working agile”, it’s an informed and productive way of finding the ultimate best result. Even better? It can also help reduce a culture of perfection anxiety, contributing to better student wellbeing.

You’ve got to see it, to be it

The CSIRO recognises the importance of not only bringing STEM to the classroom, but actually introducing STEM professionals to kids. By introducing real industry professionals, students are likely to consider a wider range of career paths and more diverse ambitions, ensuring a fresh wave of STEM professionals for years to come.

Studying a Master of Engineering Management at Southern Cross can equip you with the skills to thrive in – and shape – the industry of the future. With an intelligent and savvy incoming junior workforce over the coming years, strong leadership and management is more important – and rewarding – than ever.

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