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Engineering leaders need to think sustainability

31 July 2017

Engineering is challenging, and that’s why it’s so rewarding. Engineers are trained to isolate problems and find efficient, well-designed solutions. However, in our haste to solve the problems in front of us, we can forget to look at the bigger picture.

With global crises like climate change on our immediate horizon, it’s never been more important to look at the wider impact our work has on our lives. What is the social, environmental and economic impact of our work and how can we make it a positive one?

Leaders need to advocate for sustainability

Thinking about the big picture doesn’t always come naturally to engineers. We’re trained to do our job well and with an eye for detail. That’s why it’s so important that engineering leaders and managers take charge when it comes to creating a culture of sustainability in engineering. Leaders should ask bigger questions about the impact a project has on the world, and work towards innovative solutions that take environmental, economic and social consequences in mind.

One of the subjects offered as part of Southern Cross University’s online Master of Engineering Management is Engineering for a Sustainable Future. Units like this give engineering leaders valuable knowledge and case studies to drive change in their work days. You’ll study the social, environmental and economic characteristics of sustainable engineering projects, and explore them through the lens of management. Education on sustainability in engineering helps leaders stay afloat of new lifecycle approaches, sustainability metrics, technologies and innovations that could transform the way the engineering sector operates.

Solve world-changing problems

We’ve already said that engineering isn’t easy – but that’s part of the charm! Solving the sustainability problem is hard, and that’s why we believe that engineers are the ones equipped to do it. Engineers with a flair for innovation will find problem-solving around sustainability not only a highly rewarding pursuit, but also one with the power to nurture their career.

Sustainability is a global issue, and engineers with the ability to face the issue head-on will be more valued than ever. If you’d like to study your Masters degree, consider an online Master of Engineering Management from Southern Cross University. It will help you build the knowledge and skills you need to confront the serious environmental practice and sustainability issues facing the engineering field today.