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More educational leaders are getting their MBA

17 June 2016

How do our school principals and university leaders learn how to do their jobs? Traditionally, they climbed the ranks from teacher, to year level or subject coordinator, to vice principal or academic, and then onto the top job, picking up skills as they went. Along the way, they might have gained a Master of Educational Leadership or perhaps a Master in Education.

These days, more Australian education leaders are completing a Master of Business Administration (MBA) to prepare themselves for leadership roles. Many principals and educational leaders already at the helm are also enrolling in these courses to fill in their knowledge and skill gaps. It makes sense - an MBA gives them the general business management skills that school leaders increasingly need.

The business of education

It’s no secret that the most successful educational institutions are run like businesses. Many of them have the same functional departments you would find in a large corporation, including IT, finance, human resources, media relations and marketing.

Top schools promote themselves and have well mapped out strategies to expand their reach, both locally and increasingly, overseas. They have a media presence and either have their own in-house public relations, or have PR consultants on the payroll. The people in leadership roles cultivate and maintain very close links with businesses so that they can provide graduates that are work-ready.

Schools and universities need business-savvy leaders, and that’s why many teachers are now choosing MBAs to help them get ahead.

You career can keep growing

The role of principal or college dean has always been to be the school’s figurehead. It’s also been their job to be organisational leaders and to constantly find ways to improve the systems that make schools operate well. An MBA, with its focus on organisational theory and practice will give you the tools you need to do this, as well as the business smarts needed for success.

If you’re looking to upgrade your skill set and move into a leadership role, an online MBA from Southern Cross University could be what you need. Call us today and speak to one of our friendly Enrolment Advisors on 1300 589 882.