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Deadly workplace sins: 5 career killers to avoid

1 November 2016

You can go from making it to breaking it in an instant when there’s a career killer on the loose. The last thing you need when you’re trying to take your career to new heights is to make a mistake which has the potential to cost you your professional reputation.

Career killers are the types of blunders that have co-workers shaking their heads in disbelief, or a manager questioning your commitment to the role and company. Here’s how you can help protect your career when dealing with these tricky workplace situations.

Keep neutral and avoid politics

It pays to be your office’s Switzerland. Most workplaces have some form of politics at play, so whether you’re a new or long-standing employee, it’s wise to not engage with the often unnecessary gossip that comes with it. This is not to say that you should avoid sharing your opinion when the time’s right with the appropriate people; however, building solid relationships in a more ethical manner by asking for advice, offering to help and showing a genuine interest in other people’s lives will prove far more beneficial.

Take responsibility

When something at work goes wrong, be responsible for your actions – it’s one of the best things you could do for your career. When you show that you are accountable and willing to learn from a mistake, you’ll gain far more respect from your peers and management, rather than if you were to hide behind excuses or shift the blame onto others. It demonstrates a maturity that is greatly valued in the workplace.

Keep sensitive information, sensitive

Knowing what information to keep private is critical to your career development and success in the workplace, not only professionally but on a social level too. To do otherwise can reflect poorly on your judgement and the ability to keep confidentiality. Building a mutual trust with your co-workers and managers is the foundation for successful and effective work relationships.

Be honest

To build trust in the workplace is about being honest with your co-workers. Dishonesty, in most forms, is something that obviously won’t be very rewarding for your career growth. This may range from fraudulent or illegal activity to purposely giving someone the wrong information.

Do your best to stay relevant

One of the best ways to avoid your career prospects sinking is to refresh your skills and remain as relevant as you can in your chosen field. When you have new ideas and concepts to contribute, colleagues will continue to value you as part of the team. Further education facilitates this and can improve your professional outlook.

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