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Can you recession-proof an IT career?

24 July 2016

Looking to recession-proof your career and not sure where to start? If you’re already in IT, your best bet is to stay there! Whether you work for an IT company or within an organisation’s IT department, it’s one career that seems to have the legs to see you through from high school to retirement. Here’s why.

IT has become an integral part of company structure

Back in the day, before the internet and devices ruled our lives, a typical corporation would have some semblance of the following departments: sales, production, marketing, accounts, finance and HR (or ‘personnel’ for those old enough to remember). Now IT is just as fully entrenched within medium and large-sized company structures as any of these traditional functions.

If you’re in IT, you’re in the engine room

No longer does the IT department play a supporting role in a company. In many cases, it’s providing the important insights and setting up the core operating processes that keep a company competitive. If you’re in IT, then you’re going to increasingly be part of the conversation that drives the success of a company – and that means your skills will always be in demand.

Cuts to the IT department aren’t as deep

When a company cuts back, they look for areas that aren’t at the core of their business success. This doesn’t make people in IT immune in a downturn. But with the IT departments getting larger and increasingly more important, the chances are that recessions won’t hit IT professionals as hard. Want to increase your odds of a long and continuous career? Many IT professionals are taking their skills to the next level by getting an online Master of Information Technology or Master of IT Management. This offers an even broader base of skills, making you even more indispensable to employers.

Australia is increasingly becoming a knowledge-based economy

We used to rely on the sheep’s back, then mining. Now, two-thirds of Australia’s economy is in the services industry, with IT being a sizable chunk of that. So if you’re working within the IT industry itself, you’re well placed for a long career. According to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, areas that have been earmarked to be the next big growth area for IT professionals are cloud computing, 3D printing, energy storage and online outsourcing – all exciting areas that will keep IT professionals busy for decades to come.

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