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Better project management can help businesses

7 February 2017

The best, most finely tuned project management doesn’t just affect the outcome of an individual project; it can also contribute to the overall operation of your business. That means working on your project management skills isn’t just great for bolstering your personal resume credentials, it can also help you make a real change to your company’s bottom line. What’s a better testament to your credibility than that?

When you focus on improving project management, you’re essentially focusing on bringing the following benefits to your business:

Resource knowledge

Arguably, no one has a better foothold on available resources than those involved in managing a project. Being accountable for the resources used at every stage of a task, project managers become fairly good at recognising areas of both lack and abundance.

Apply this level of resource knowledge across the company and you will see results when managing customer expectations, analysing and improving productivity, reducing overall costs and more.

Clearer definition of success

When it comes to measuring success, it’s hard to argue with solid numbers and data. It’s also impossible to imagine good project management not presenting such solid facts and figures in support of the work they are doing.

Unfortunately, sometimes this level of detail gets lost in company-wide reporting. Applying the same skills used to determine and define a project’s success can create much more tangible goals for businesses to strive for, and enables them to devise whether their current operations are up to scratch.

Improved budget and time estimation

Again, the level of budget and time planning involved in good project management is second to none. However, to experience the same process for budgeting costs and time estimation from the rest of the business is often unlikely.

Project managers who are at the top of their game are good at creating such estimates, and that’s how they’re able to keep resources intact and costs under control for the duration of their project. A business utilising that same level of expert estimation is much more likely to see their profit margins soar.

Encourages continual improvement

This should go without saying, but the general ‘how could we improve this’ attitude that skilled project managers apply fits in perfectly on a company-wide level. If employees are continually implementing retrospective learnings from past tasks to challenge themselves with ongoing ones, it will have a huge impact on the quality of work.

This isn’t something that can simply be asked of or even expected from employees. It is a culture that needs to be nurtured, from the executive level down—something that the best project managers are well adept in cultivating.

The bottom line is, adopting a business-wide project management philosophy has the potential to do a world of good to your business’ operations. It all starts with your ability as a project manager; by improving your skills and applying your learnings at an enterprise-level, there’s no telling what impact you can have.

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