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The key to being a well-prepared student

19 June 2017

Master of Healthcare Leadership course coordinator, Dr Louise Horstmanshof, shares her thoughts on what it takes to be a well-prepared online student and to achieve academic success throughout your student journey.

The key to… academic writing

Dr Horstmanshof states that “good academic writing is where complex and difficult concepts are made clear and understandable to an intelligent reader”. The writing in your assignments should not be long or convoluted, but sharp, to the point and complete. The quotes, ideas and theories you incorporate from your readings into your work must be referenced in-text and at the end of your assignment. Endnote is a fantastic tool, which makes it quick and easy to cite while you write within your documents.

"Good academic writing is where complex and difficult concepts are made clear and understandable to an intelligent reader."

The key to... assignments

Dr Horstmanshof recommends that, first and foremost, you read through all the requirements of the assignment, with particular attention paid to the question that has been asked. This allows you  – before you dive into the work – to really think about how you plan to structure it. Ensure you have all the relevant readings and weekly notes on hand, so you can refer back to them when necessary. Correct grammar and sentence structure is a critical part of written assignments. This develops a natural tone and flow of your assignment. Dr Horstmanshof stresses, “be logical in your writing – lead your reader through the work. Keep asking ‘so what?’ and ‘who says?’ to keep yourself on-track”.

Once you have completed the bulk of your work, check the ‘fine print’ to ensure you are meeting the assignment's basic requirements like font size, due date and word limit. Read your draft aloud to ensure it reads well and you have properly answered the question. Give yourself enough time to check and revise your work.

The key to... time management

The time required to complete an online degree in healthcare leadership should not be underestimated. Balancing your time between study, work and family is vital, particularly when you wish to be a leader. Being mindful of a few organisational techniques will go a long way, as Dr Horstmanshof says:

  • Be strategic, start working towards major assignments from week one;
  • Make notes while you read through your weekly content and revisit later on, and;
  • Converse with academics and peers on discussion boards to see if your thoughts and ideas are heading in the right direction.

Studying a healthcare management course online is not a simple walk in the park. The same time and commitment should be given to online coursework and assignments as if you were studying on campus, if not more. What lays ahead is an advanced understanding of the latest research, management and leadership styles and policy. This is all applicable to your workplace today and will prepare you for the healthcare system of tomorrow.

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