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Advance your career with a LLM

29 March 2017

To accelerate your career in law, you must stay true to why you chose this professional area in the first place. Often people embarking on a legal career have done so in pursuit of ‘making a difference’.

Despite the stereotype of the law being a ‘cold and distant’ profession, those aspiring to be lawyers and those working as legal practitioners, know that the law offers an opportunity to help people achieve life goals or find resolution when experiencing a difficult time. This is true for lawyers working for a big business as it is for those practising law in the community sector.

Upskilling through a Master of Laws (LLM)

If you, like many others, have been motivated to come to the law to ‘make a difference’, it is imperative that you are the best lawyer you can be. Enhancing your knowledge and skills by studying a Master of Laws (LLM) is the ideal way to achieve this. LLMs offer specialisation in complex areas of law including business law, human rights, family law or international law. Your chosen speciality will equip you with specific expert skills and knowledge that will push you to be the best lawyer you can be, ensuring that you are able to make the difference you aspired to achieve when you commenced this journey.

Continuously work on your skills and personal attributes

There is a clear connection between the skills required to achieve being the best lawyer you can be and achieving a competitive advantage to stand out in a tight employment market. Finding legal jobs can be hard work for graduates and junior practitioners. With so much to choose from, employers have become more discerning, looking to employ people with a good combination of technical skills, personal attributes and life and professional experience that can add value to their firms and clients.

Develop your competitive advantage

The current employment environment is creating an obvious need to consider alternative career paths and options in corporate business or other legal fields. If you are considering carving a new career path, distinguishing yourself from the masses will be essential to your success.

Obtaining an LLM not only shows your commitment to your speciality, but it also offers a set of skills and knowledge that is not held by other newcomers. It will also demonstrate to your future employer that you can offer expert legal skills that can be on-sold to clients. You will also be immediately recognised as having exceptional analytical, writing and communication skills which are highly sought after commodities in all legal roles.

Undertaking an LLM from a renowned institution such as Southern Cross University will associate their reputation with yours, positioning you as a competent professional with academic flair, ready to join their organisation. This reputation will follow you as you set out to be the best lawyer you can be.

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