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10 ways to get the best project results

13 January 2017

The benefits of a successful project for your company, employees and, of course, clients are obvious. But what’s the best way to achieve success? To excel at project management, unfortunately there isn’t an overnight, ‘click-your-heels-twice’ solution. It’s a continual process with adjustments and learning curves. That being said, here we have listed 10 effective ways you can help take your projects to the next level—and you can start implementing them right away.

1. Up the ante on communication

Frequent communication doesn’t have to mean laboriously long meetings. Quick calls and emails to the clients or speedy updates with the team are easy to manage and can even be implemented daily without eating up everyone’s valuable time.

2. Get senior management involved

If possible, involve your CEO or a member of your senior management in a small way. Something as simple as bringing along your CEO to your next meeting with the client is hugely beneficial and demonstrates how important your client is to you.

3. Create a dashboard for reporting results

Sending your major stakeholders weekly or frequent reports is essential, but it doesn’t have to take up all your time. Start by creating a dashboard covering major topics relevant to all stakeholders— management within your company, the customer and so on. That will save you from having to create multiple reports and allows you to cover off important questions relating to project milestones and resource expenditure.

4. Report issues

No project is completely foolproof or perfect. The stakeholders in your project not only understand that, they expect it. Ensuring that you include issues in your frequent reports shows transparency and demonstrates your team’s effectiveness in overcoming or working on resolving these problems.

5. Review mid-project

Rather than just steamrolling your way to the finish line, it’s important to stop around halfway to review your progress. This will bring up any concerns anyone may have, and allow you to see how your project is tracking on a more comprehensive level than the weekly reporting may provide.

6. Throw in some freebies

Pending the approval of management and other key stakeholders in your business, providing particular tasks or bonus work for free can really solidify the relationship you have with your customer. This is particularly a good idea if you have a longstanding relationship—or hoping to build the foundations of one through this project.

7. Include the team in your budget reviews

Most project managers don’t even think to include employees in their budget reviews, but this is actually an excellent way to provide a better understanding of the project’s financial burdens and keep them accountable in their own contributions to that.

8. Include the team In your resource reviews

By the same token, you should make your team aware of your own resource tracking.

9. Get some face-to-face time with remote clients

If working with remote clients, you or someone in your team should pay them a visit at least once in the span of the project. Use this time to work on outstanding tasks, so that the visit is both constructive towards the project’s success and getting face time with the client.

10. Talk, talk, talk

Most importantly, just talk to the customer. Not only through email, call them. Communicate with them. Listen to their concerns and show them that you’re listening. You’ll be surprised what a client might teach you—not just about their own project, but the complexities of successful project management as a whole.

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